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What in the Truck is so Funny?

Higgins' defense team didn't impress the judge... he probably should've thought things through...

Poor, poor Higgins

OK.  Even Higgins realized that his idea of training cats to be seeing eye animals for the blind was a bad one.... Currently he is driving trucks again to pay for the lawsuits... poor, poor Higgins

"Golly Fido they sure seemed enthused about that truckload of toilet paper."

Henry gave up his trucking job and it was he...yes he Henry McWhistle that discovered the secrets of the great Egyptian Sphincter!! (not to be confused with the ancient Egyptian Sphinx)

The wine tasting event at the truckstop wasn't everything the promoters had hoped for...oh well...

The judge was not amused when Higgins suggested using his fuel bonus points to bail out.....poor poor Higgins

"I dunno Doc.... I just don't seem as happy as the other clams..."

I took a Mum out for a date last night                                                       Your lucky Pal, I got fresh with a Black Eyed and I couldn't get a word out of her.                                                    Susan.  I'm just glad she wasn't a Snapdragon or                                                                                                                    there's no tellin' what woulda happened!

Bling is Relative-  Be Happy With What You Have!!

Whoa Dude! That's a pre 2015 Wal Mart Garden Center Special!!  I love what you've done with the streamers man!

For safety reasons when fueling at night sparklers are not recommended for emergency lighting.  Pa Trucker figured this out the hard way.

That's the third wallet! Sez Pa Trucker,"I no more'n sit down and these newfangled terlets grab the paper gasket, wallet and whatever else...I'm doin' my business in my truck!!"

Pa Trucker suffers yet another fuel/route miscommunication.

"What?!! You say three drivers have been seriously hurt in the yard? Well have recruiting replace them immediately! ...well yes I suppose we can call an ambulance too."

When Higgins decided to marry his truck his friends all decided he'd been on the road far, far too long. Higgins doesn't care he loves his truck.

"Hey you notice they're treating drivers better?  They changed our bucket and put new straw on our concrete floor."

Pa Trucker has had his issues with his GPS unit.

This method can be a great fuel saving operation... unless of course you run into a brisk headwind....or low bridge.

This method will get you up hills in a timely fashion but is not recommended for explosive or flammable cargo!!!

Pa Trucker never did figure out the Texas ways.... he probably never will...

"Gentlemen this new company approved casket design will eliminate the need for four of the normal six pall bearers required for our deceased driver honor guard program thus saving the company an estimated $26,384.74."

O'Malley had steer axles that were overweight.  He had to jettison all of the weight he could before he went to the scale house... and I mean all...even his collection of trucking magazines....Gee Whiz

O'Malley trained his dog Spot to drive his truck and become his team member!  It would've worked too, except know... the road rage thing.

Pa Trucker has come up with a new idea to solve his current cruise control problems...

At last!  A more efficient truck driver seat!  (note: this device is not designed to be flushed in city traffic or at speeds less than 50 MPH)

"Gentlemen our motion studies have shown that the operations people shuffle from desk to desk throughout their shift.  If we can somehow attach brooms to their backsides we can have them sweep and save approximately $38,472.58."

"Oh thank heaven!  It's only a driver... I thought we'd hit a dog."