Meredith Murals

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Herein lies an example of what I can do for you.  I am Dan Meredith and nothing would give me more pleasure than to see your expectations met and create another work of fine art for your recreation room, building, or any wall that you choose to adorn.  I have been a carpenter in large scale construction for many years so the scale of projects does not intimidate me.....give me a shout and let's create!

Hey Everyone!  Thank you all of my loyal viewers! I profusely apologize for the lack of cartoons as I have been extremely busy and will update the exciting events as they occur (kind of) in another few weeks.  Stay tuned!!

"It takes more courage to love than it does to hate"
Dan Meredith

"Humans are my favorite people"

Dan Meredith

Get a load of this "before" picture.

........and after.  Look at the whole story of this one on the "Projects" page!!

A Thousand computers do not equal a single soul

I was so inspired sitting amongst the cottonwood seeds floating along the river this Spring day that I created this, "Blizzard of Cottonwoods at The Soos Creek Trestle"

No longer available.  I have given it to a dear friend as a heartfelt gift.

 "Gig in Cinncinati"   

No  Longer available