Meredith Murals

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Herein lies an example of what I can do for you.  I am Dan Meredith and nothing would give me more pleasure than to see your expectations met and create another work of fine art for your recreation room, building, or any wall that you choose to adorn.  The scale of projects does not intimidate me.....give me a shout and let's create!

"It takes more courage to love than it does to hate"
Dan Meredith

I would like to ask whoever I am fortunate enough to view this to consider this thought process-  Imagine that you are on another planet and that your job there is to monitor these little robots that dig in the soil there and then relay that information back to Earth.

Imagine that all you could see of our dear planet is the Sun as a distant star in your perpetual night sky.  Imagine how you would long occasionally for the warmth and brightness of that star.

Imagine now that you are there for three years.  Three birthdays. Three Christmas'. Three long winters, summers, falls and springs.....Three years.

Then in comes walking somebody holding a puppy or kitten.  Are going to ask yourself; Does this person fit into my cubby? Is he Muslim? Christian? Black? White? Republican? Democrat? Liberal? Conservative? Or any of the other "cubbies" that fragment us?

Or are you going to say,"Hey brother or sister, it's good to see you.  Can I hold your puppy or kitten?"

Embrace Unity over Diversity and fight the contrivance to fragment us.

The only way to defy this contrivance is to love your fellow man.

Dan Meredith

"Humans are my favorite people"

Dan Meredith

A Thousand computers do not equal a single soul