Meredith Murals

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Come along with me through the sequences of events that need to occur to successfully create a mural.  First I run my mouth (anyone surprised?) and in this case I discussed with Duane Kaler, the owner of  the Tapout Saloon at 1055 Sunset Boulevard in Renton Wa his vision and what he might like to see on the side of his building.

 I then draw and draw until we have modified the idea of Duane's to his satisfaction.

Until we kind of have a bunch of drawings to indicate to me how I might incorporate my ideas and the colors I might need.

.......and then a trip to Loews in Renton where young Matthew put together a wonderful package of painting supplies for me.

....and then lots of layout in charcoal/pencil.  I carry a big eraser at this point haha

I also go through a lot of pencils during this process....

.......and then I paint...

.....and paint

Moving right along...

I took this image during the eclipse...pretty cool but you can't tell from the picture how weird the lighting was.....Howdy everybody anyway!

Here is the Seahawk momma flying in the quarterback of the New England Patriots (Brady) for the baby seahawks to feast on..... pretty cool idea huh?  Duane had this vision and he and I mind melded to come up with this complete cool it ain't even cool....Huh?  Or what?

TA-DAaaa!   Or what?

Wisdom House Mural   Auburn, Wa.

Would you look at that? A beautiful canvas if I ever saw one.
Masking, sanding, and priming. The preparations are underway.

Making some good progress on the brick entry-way.

Here is the first wall of our proposed Tuscan scene.  I am very pleased with it and hope to tie in the shadows with the rest of the mural.

Caribbean Bar Scene

"Barkeep! How 'bout a schooner?"

A before and after shot worthy of note...

I love engaging in distraction art!